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Machine Shop in New Jersey

Show  us your process and what you want to accomplish-we will work with you to develop the most economical, efficient machine or mechanism to do the job. We put special machine design and building at your  disposal.


     Drain tanks
     Vacuums and vacuum chambers
     Heat sinks

Tooling and  Equipment

     CNC milling  machines
     Vertical milling machines
     Horizontal milling machines
     Jig bore
     Turning centers CNC
     Turning lathes
     Chucker automatic
    Drilling equipment
     Grind shop equipment


     3D CAD/CAM

     PATHTRACE/EDGE-CAM  Advanced System networked to all CNC machines using a custom  built remote CAM centre.Simulation of programming ensures  our concept of "Right First Time" is achieved.


Machine Shop

Materials Commonly Used

     Stainless steel

A variety  of finishings and paints are available.

Inspection  Equipment

     2 inspection departments with all necessary inspection plates, guages,  opticalequipment, and small measuring equipment

     2 Brown & Sharp, Reflex Model 454 coordinate measuring systems


Contract  Engineering Design and Manufacture

     Product design and engineering
     Prototype development and product testing
     Electromechanical component parts fabrication
     Subassembly production
     Strategic manufacturing and final assembly operations including JIT delivery

Machine and Equipment Building

     Design, engineering, and building of automated manufacturing process equipment, including system integration, assembly, and start-up  of the systems on site

     Special machine design and building, including development of proof-of-principle and prototype machines

     Machine handling, and packaging equipment control system design and implementation including computer controlled processing,  material handling and packaging

     Robotics and other automated electromechanical equipment for mid  level production and manufacturing cells

     Machine modifications, rebuilding and repair

Production Machining

     Production CNC machining with CAD/CAM

General  Machining and Fabrication

     General machining and screw machine work

Machine Shop

Control is the key to quality. We make use of  the latest machine control technology.

     NC and CNC
     Bar code reading devices
     Adaptive real-time control systems
     Hydraulic and pneumatic logic controls

Inspection equipment

     2 inspection departments with all necessary inspection plates, gauges,  optical equipment, and small measuring equipment

     2 Brown & Sharp, Reflex Model 454 coordinate measuring systems

CNC  Milling Centres

     1 each  Mori Seiki MV-65 vertical machining centre X-axis 60 inches  travel-Y-axis 25.6 inches travel-Z-axis 25.6 inches travel with a 30-tool carousel

     1 each  Hitachi Seiki VA-50 CNC vertical machining centre X-axis  43 inches-Y-axis 20 inches travel-Z-axis  20 inches travel with a 4th axis and 20-tool carousel

     1 each  Leblond Makino A55 CNC horizontal machining centre with  programmable pallet changer high speed spindle and a 60-tool  carousel

     1 each  TMG CNC vertical machining centre X-axis 63 inches travel-Y-axis  20 inches travel-Z-axis 20 inches travel and 20-tool carousel

     4 EA  Fanuc T-10 Drill Mate 10-tool carousel with spindle speed  of 1000RPM

Machine Shop CNC Turning Centres

     1 each  Takisawa TX-3 CNC turning centre 40-HP with Fanuc controls and 8-station turret

     1 each Takisawa TS-15 turning centre 20-HP with Fanuc controls  and 12-station turret

Save money. Eliminate expensive tooling, manufacturing and assembly costs.  We are set up to build your process machines, or even your entire product line at a lower cost.

Prototypes can be expensive to develop on your own. Our experience and facilities streamline prototype creation, so that in most cases the prototypes we build will cost you less. 


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